At Inspiritus, we don’t believe cookie-cutter solutions achieve the best results. For every engagement – whether it is a coaching opportunity or a speaking or training engagement – we customize our services to meet our client’s specific goals and expectations.

With our approach, we first consider:

Attitude, Alignment and Process

By taking a comprehensive look at the “Attitude” related to the current situation – then focusing on “Alignment” with what is valued, desired and possible, we developed a customized roadmap or “Process” to effectively bridge the gap with the best strategy, tools and action steps. During this process, we are your safe sounding board to help you stay motivated and focused so you achieve the desired outcomes.

Our Approach to Individual Coaching

We work with individuals who want more out of their professional and personal lives and are willing to make sustainable changes, but need “someone in their corner” so they are not tackling their challenges alone. To accommodate busy schedules, we conduct our coaching sessions by telephone. The 60-minute sessions take place two-to-three times a month, depending upon the customized program developed.

Additional contact by telephone and email between sessions ensures you remain on track, while also providing you with the opportunity to share successes or receive assistance for time-sensitive situations.

Our Approach to Speaking and Training Opportunities

To develop a customized program when providing featured speakers for meetings, seminars and workshops, we consider the allotted time for the event, the specific needs and characteristics of the audience, as well as other available client resources, as part of our “Attitude, Alignment and Process” review. This enables us to make every speaking and training opportunity engaging, memorable and educational, with attendees taking away new skills that they can immediately implement and often leaving with a new or renewed mindset.