Training Workshops

Workshops and Seminars

Inspiritus develops and delivers specialized in-person and virtual training sessions on topics ranging from sales techniques and goal setting, to motivation and team building. Training activities may be presented as half-day or full-day seminars, as well as multi-day workshops, which, at a client’s request, often include facilitating open strategy discussions and/or providing individual coaching sessions.

Sales training is offered internationally and across multiple industries, providing organizations with an enjoyable and productive environment where new behaviors and skills are learned, tested and improved.

Seminars and workshops focused on building teams and nurturing a more productive and engaged workforce are frequently developed around re-introducing employees to the many reasons why they get up in the morning and go to work. With the disconnection and burn out that can often occur in our remote working environment, Inspiritus provides attendees with the tools and resources to help them stay aligned with key organizational initiatives, better allocate time and energy, and more effectively “play” with others.

Christina's workshops are about today's selling environment, recognizing sellers and leaders do not always have in-person access to clients/customers/prospects.  To be successful today, it's necessary to develop the attitudes, mindset and skills that can be leveraged both in-person and virtually.

Some of the topics that are often addressed at Inspiritus-led seminars and workshops include:

  • Presentation Skills - How to engage, manage, and inspire action
  • Focused Profiling and Prospecting (build credibility and save time)
  • Building a Coaching Habit (Transformational Leaders = Successful Coaches)
  • Business Development Inside the Professional Service Firm
  • Navigating the Hybrid Sales Space 
  • Negotiating - Mindset, Strategies and Tactics
  • Leveraging Lessons From Wins and Losses
  • Getting "in front of" the Objections (they're coming!)
  • Deal Strategy Sessions (moving specific individual opportunities forward)
  • Prioritization and Time Management (When everything's a "priority")
  • Manage Your Mindset, Manage Your Meetings
  • Creating Effective Voicemail / Email Messages That Drive Momentum
  • Understanding Your Buyer's Mindset and Buying Process

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