Speaking Engagements

Motivational Speaking

World class organizations leverage opportunities to inspire action and change by providing featured speakers for special events. These events bring teams together in a setting outside of the day-to-day to help people see new perspectives, re-engage in their purpose and increase their productivity and connection to corporate goals.

Christina has had the privilege of delivering key note speaking engagements for several Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of industries, both in-person and virtually. While some speaking engagements are focused exclusively on business and leadership topics, she has also been sought out to motivate and positively “recharge” employees by companies that want to bring out the best in each individual as well as the collective efforts of their teams.

Our approach is to customize our presentation topic and length to your audience. Sample topics include:

  • Motivational Leadership
  • Unleashing Creativity
  • Brand You
  • Thriving Amidst Change
  • Managing Leadership Stress
  • Women in Leadership: See the Future to Be the Future
  • Mindful Connection
  • Building Trust and Loyalty
  • From Your Customer’s Side of the Desk
  • Maximizing Internal Collaboration
  • Enrollment Conversations
  • The Importance of Saying ‘No’

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